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Just then, the old man reveals himself as Bruce Wayne, and demands that the Jokerz leave, but they attack instead.After Egans leaves, however, Powers is concerned that Terry is still alive.He still demands the return of his suit, while Terry wants to go to the transport pad to stop the shipment.By the end of that book Terry was dead and the modern day Tim Drake ended up in the future and in the suit as a new Batman.In an airplane hangar just outside of Gotham City, a group of kidnappers watch a news report about a failed attempt by Derek Powers to take over Wayne Enterprises.

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Derek Powers has managed to take control of Wayne-Powers, and has been increasing his power and wealth by gobbling up smaller businesses.Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 142: DC Comics, Batman, Deathstroke and Crazy Letterers.Terry wants Bruce to do something about it but he refuses, saying that Batman is no more, and Terry leaves.At school, he gets into a fight with Nelson Nash which gets him into trouble.Terry takes him inside and gives him his medicine but the old man falls asleep and his dog Ace prevents Terry from leaving, so Terry decides to call his father so he can pick him up.

As the hovercraft sinks, the front window can be seen shattering.Powers also asks if Warren has anything Tully gave to him, which Warren denies.

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Batman manages to subdue most of the kidnappers with limited effort, although he does get a brief crippling chest pain afterwards.Terry, in the suit, clumsily flies towards the Wayne-Powers tower and eavesdrops on a conversation between Powers and Egans.Find product information, ratings and reviews for Batman 1-2: Rebirth (Deluxe) (Hardcover) (Tom King) online on past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Weird Science DC Comics Podcast by Weird Science DC Comics, Comics, Comic Books, DC Comics, Batman, Superman.

Batman Vol 1 22. DC Universe Rebirth All Star Batman comic issue 13.Terry believes something happened to Bruce besides getting old, alluding to various reasons.Many of the events that occurred in this episode are alluded upon in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.The number 1 free online comic book community featuring a comic book price guide database, friends, lists, blogs, and more.Terry starts fighting them but when reinforcements arrive, Terry is forced to flee on one of their motorcycles.Fixx nearly run him down with their limo and demand the disk back.A True Batman Story: This week the hosts talk about comic books and.

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Episodes written by Paul Dini, Episodes written by Alan Burnett, Episodes directed by Curt Geda.

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Kaznia continues to remain a source of considerable political unrest.

Later that day, Kaznian Minister of Commerce Vilmos Egans arrives in Gotham and is greeted by Powers.Bruce threatens to shut off the suit again, this time, permanently.

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Batman Poster at Choose from over 500,000 Posters and Art Prints.This week the hosts talk about the first phase of Rebirth issues.As surprised as Batman is to see what he has done, his attacker runs off fearfully, before being intercepted by the arriving police.Bruce offers Terry a job as a part-time assistant, which Terry accepts, knowing that the offer is really to become the new Batman.With his power back, Terry manages to fight off and evade the guards again.Unable to defend himself and in serious danger, Batman snatches up a weapon dropped by one of the other kidnappers in desperation. a handgun.

However, just as he is about to untie Bunny, the thug leader ends up ambushing him with a wrench (with Bunny attempting to warn Batman of the oncoming attack by gasping).

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Bruce tells him to leave the suit alone and tells him to take the disk to Commissioner Barbara Gordon.

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Terry heads out to a nightclub and meets up with his girlfriend Dana Tan.

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While he talks to her, Nelson arrives but before any trouble can start, a whole gang of clowns known as the Jokerz arrive and start wreaking havoc.Back at the Batcave, he puts the Batsuit in the costume display gallery alongside his other crime fighter costumes and his original batsuit that he used to wear as Batman.Twenty years pass and Gotham City has changed much in this time, according to a current newscast.Awesome lenticular cover coming up for Batman 22 by Jason Fabok. batman flash flashpoint DC rebirth.Bruce pretends to ignore him, but eventually lets Terry in to investigate.

A teenager dressed as a clown climbs onto a public elevator and starts making trouble.

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Terry throws a Batarang, which Powers shoots out of the air with ease.Forums Batman Beyond revived Timeline/Terry's Age. That either that means from Rebirth to DI spans six months OR that it's been six months since. 1/22/2010 #2...The news also states that the kidnappers have failed to release their hostage Bunny Vreeland in spite of being paid five million dollars in ransom.Together, he and Terry manage to fight off the gang but Bruce suffers from his weak heart.Terry gives back the disk and manages to escape with his life, knowing now that Powers will be looking for him.He meets with his co-worker who has several dark patches on his skin.