Honda Push Lawn Mower Won T Start

Purchased a year ago and have cut level, dense lawns as well as uneven, root infested, sparse yards.It has a steel deck making it difficult in small areas and the ability to pull the mower back.

I like that it can be disengaged quickly and increased as necessary with a touch of pressure.So far I have only used the mower once since purchasing, only time will tell, how well it holds up.The handlebar was very tight,could not used, had to be adjusted,not what the owner manual said.

I am a 67 year old female and need to get any feature that makes mowing easier.How to Start a Honda Push Mower. Honda Push Mowers may be started using either the automatic or manual starting. start the mower using the manual.Also minimal lawn droppings when removing the bag--unlike the Toro--lots of lawn to sweep when emptying bag.This morning when I called to inquire about the status of the repair I was told that THE ENTIRE ENGINE WOULD NEED TO BE REPLACED and that one was on order.To make a long frustrating story short, an hour later I decided to fiddle with what looked like the choke. while I pushed on choke - which I assume was opening the airway - my wife used the electric starter to start the mower.Having to control the machine direction and speed from the middle of the handle bar, makes my arms and hands tired after a few minutes.Like I said way under powered get something with a 1900 and forget this 1600 crap.The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to performance maintenance.I purchased my first Honda mower based on the popular opinion and feedback I received from others.

Like other mowers and power equipment, occasional problems may arise, including a.If the wheel had not fallen off of my 21 years old mower I would have run from the store.I started putting it together and found that the electric ignition key and owners manual were missing.

Set up was easy and after oil and fueling, it started right up first time on electric start feature.Getting the charger was the right solution for me, since I cannot use manual start.It was hard to start when initially cranked, but it was new and I figured gas had to get to the cylinders.Sometimes it might start when using the key to crank it and other times it sounds like it is just spinning or something and it will not start the lawn mower.Even though I had been without a mower for four weeks, when I finished mowing with the mower on the mulch setting the yard looked beautiful.I located the in line fuel strainer and attempted to locate one.

Our lawn is small and cut up with landscape beds etc. leaving only a few good straight easy runs.Started it up for the first time and, all was well, when I had to stop to empty the bag it would not start again.By the way, Home Depot replaced the first mower same Model which had some problems, but this one worked very, very well so have great hopes for it.Having just brought this mower home and using it for the first time I am well pleased.I called the preferred Honda dealer: Scotts Turf Equipment and Supply, Nokesville Road, Manassas, VA.This one started first pull and ran great until we turned it off to dump the third bag of grass, then, it would not start.

I do recommend a brand new unit as it does a great job and is quite compared to other machines.I especially like to be able to cut off the gasoline supply and carefully turn it on its.Followed all the directions in the manual and the mower started right up using the electric start.I was not exhausted after using the mower which is a complement to how affective the self-propel feature is in assisting the operator.

I had to put loading ramps on my truck and take the mower into Home Depot.I mainly cut in the discharge mode and am very happy with the cut.They determined it was a problem from the factory and repaired the mower.

Battery requires approximately one (1) hour mowing session to charge.We are certain you will be pleased with your purchase of one of the finest. and start the engine.Finally the HRR2169VLA model came out and it sounded perfect.Note - I was sold the Honda came with a 4 Year Warranty - but the battery is only warrantied for 12 months.Cuts great.self propelled wheels go so fast I could pretty much jog behind the mower if I wanted to.I had to let it rest for about 10 minutes before I could start it again.

A few areas for improvement: larger fuel tank (holds 1 quart - lasts about 45 minutes).The variable ground speed control will take some getting used to.

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. there are three main areas to focus on when it comes to lawn mower maintenance:. for a Honda HRM215-OL lawn mower. Start a Push Lawn Mower This...I have a young girl using it right now and next year I hope too use myself.I lowered the height to three inches instead of four, and when I next checked the blades, found them with nicks in the metal.I put the replacement mower together, it stated as expected, the starter engaged the engine.Was able to use right after I purchased and just loved the electric starter due to having a rotator cuff replaced on my shoulder and that right there made the world of difference.

After getting it home, it was very easy to set up with no complicated instructions.The cutting height height adjustment leaver is also easy to use as well as the fuel level gauge feature which avoids over filling.