The awning was destroyed and the side of the coach was badly damaged before he got one mile away.Next pull each drawer out to its stop, return it closed and then try to open it like road vibration might do.This delay gives the control system a chance to get fuel pressure and other things lined up so that the engine will start easily.

It is therefore up to you to do a complete PDI and call it a Pre-Acceptance Inspection (PAI).Shift into drive with you foot on the service brake, being sure there is 100 yards of driving space in front of you.Keep depleting the air pressure by pressing the brake pedal and when you are down to 40 psi, stop.Now you can learn how to rotate the antenna to maximize the quality of the picture.A few seconds after you turn it on, you should hear the click of the igniter and the small pop when the burner lights.Have the PDI person explain the function of each control switch, display and status light.

At this pressure, if you attempt to release the emergency brake by pressing the control knob down, it should pop right back up.Do not go forward from this step if the NCC is not what you understood it to be when you ordered the coach.The actual weights of coaches vary from coach to coach because of options and from published numbers.Shortly thereafter you should hear the click of the igniter and the sound of the burner.It uses the same air pressure to maintain the coach ride height.

It is also necessary to understand the video selection switch that distributes signals to the front and rear RV.I worked as a delivery driver for a while and watched how other delivery drivers work.Makes sure that there are no water leaks and that all the wiring and pipes are well fastened. | Building Homes & Condominiums | How to

Look for any signs of moisture that might indicate rain leakage.Observe the steering effort necessary to keep the coach going straight.Some sharing is valuable especially if you get reminded to test something that you forgot.If there is a tag axle that is controlled with air bags, then learn about the operation.There should be no possible way for propane to enter into the RV or any other compartment.

Try to find any places where it is not perfect since now is the time to get it fixed while matching patterns are in stock.Instrumentation should show normal reading throughout the test, be sure to check the gauges often.It should take no more than 5 minutes to generate 120 psi, if the unit started from little of no pressure.With a thermometer verify that the cool air is at lease a 20 degrees under ambient temperature.If tile is used inspect the grout to insure that it is complete and has been cleaned up properly, especially under any sliding cabinets.During this test leave the rear view camera operating as an added rear view.This is caused by improper routing of wiring where the ac too close to the dc, inside the kitchen cabinet.

They perform the PDI before you get there and if they find anything, it is supposed to be fixed before delivery is made.Inspect all air and or hydraulic lines, wiring, shock absorber attachments, and in general every place that a wire or pipe could rub against something that will cause a problem later.Look at places where vinyl film is used to make sure it is free of any air bubbles.PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION (PDI) CHECK LIST The checklist below may help you at the time of your PDI inspection before leaving the dealers lot with your new RV.

When you get up in the morning, retest the charge state and the hydrometer reading should be no lower than 1175, which is equivalent to about 30% charge.Check out the lighting that is provided and any switches that are used.Carefully check for surface smoothness and any place when paint coverage is marginal or where there are bubbles.It should come to a complete stop immediately with screeching or pulling from to one side to the other.You can attach the following as the criterion for your acceptance.

Understand where the low point drains are for the fresh water.After turning it on, you should hear it pump for several seconds, even up to a minute to create enough pressure in the system.Make sure the exhaust from the generator is not directly under any slide out or window that might be used for ventilation.In the morning, start the generator or plug into shore power, to verify that the inverter goes directly into the bulk (highest) charge rate.It is easy to do, since they work like most automobile brakes.If you find more things to be corrected, more time will be required by the technicians on the third day to do those repairs.This means you are holding back some of the profit of the dealer as leverage to insure proper state of the product before you accept it.Luckly, this happened in front of the motorhome factory, during the test ride, so all that happened besides a lot of damage to the awning and side wall, was the breaking of several road signs.If you purchased the DSS Satellite system, then learn about the complete operation and control of the antenna and receiver along with any switches.

Watch out for the wide swing of the rear of the coach since it is probably different from your past experience.

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Verify that undercoating has not been sprayed where it should not be, like on a brake caliper or filter sight glass.If the awnings are manual, then learn how to unlock, extend, retract and lock each one.Set the temperature at the highest cooling setting, because setting it to lowest will typically cause the coils to collect moisture and ice up.

Now check the air gauges if you have air brakes, and you should see a steady generation of air pressure that peaks at about 120 psi when you hear the air dryer in the engine compartment give out a psssst sound.Start this test with the RV not connected to any shore facilities.

If you have air suspension, then have the PDI person explain the operation of this system completely.If it is really hot, then by all means connect to shore power so you can run the air conditioners, but when it cools down.Now turn the furnace down and the hot air will gradually turn cooler and the fans will eventually stop after the furnace has cooled sufficiently.The information can also be adapted to a travel trailer or. (PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION).Disconnect shore power so that you can test your batteries for the rest of the night.I know of a situation where a delivery driver jumped into a new luxury coach, started the generator, turned on both air conditioners, turned the stereo up to 120 db (ear damage) level and tore out of the lot.Do your best to make sure the seals are properly installed and operational when the slide is retracted and also when it is extended.