Annie and Johnny learn that the quarry site is where the bodies of Happy Jack and Skinny are buried and they become worried.Charles needs a surveyor to discover the most affordable location to quarry stone for the viaduct.News of Johnnys true identity spreads throughout the town, leaving him isolated.

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Annie makes a desperate plea with Charles to have him released but he is still furious about having found out that Johnny and Isabella slept together.Charles and Isabella feel the pressure with no hope of outside investment and with their horns still locked with Johnny, money for the viaduct is running out and wages have to be paid.Annie opens the door for Bamford the railway detective, who has returned to Jericho.Handsome navvy Johnny is returning to his native Yorkshire from Africa - only to make violent enemies with a hot-tempered colleague.Jericho Temporada 1 y 2. 4shared gratis mega subtitulos sub subs temporada temp temporadas capitulos depositfile uploaded episodios ep cap eps caps.

Johnny is the number one suspect following the murder of Red Killeen.Everything they thought was dead and buried could now destroy everything that they have fought for.After Charles announces that wages will be delayed, the navvy workforce is up in furious and calls a strike.

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Except that COATES is determined that his time in Jericho is not yet done.Annie Quaintain sets off with her children for a new life in Jericho and ends up setting up a boarding house for the labourers.

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Annies world is rocked when Martha falls seriously ill with fever.Grey's Anatomy. 1ª Temporada. 1.01. O EP 17 da 2ª temporada está off. se puder postar novamente agradeço. Jericho Joey Lost Prison Break.Blasting through the rock, the men discover a cavern of sandstone that will change the fortunes of the viaduct.

With COATES on his way out of town, it seems that nothing can now disturb the peace and closeness between them.Charles has washed his hands with his brother and Coates takes it upon himself to lock Johnny up pending the judgement of the law.