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At each end of the table, the Pass Line extends around the perimeter of the playing area within easy reach of all players.

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Learn the keys to a good passing platform and body position so that you can pass the ball with accuracy.A seven-out (7-out) is when the shooter establishes a point and then ends the game by rolling a 7.

Learn the strategy before you play craps.Jan 25, 2013 Your strategy of sticking to pass line with at least double odds, then moving to come bets with odds,.

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I know CO conversion, CO2 conversion, H2 conversion. respectively.Eight ways to win versus four ways to lose is written in terms of odds as 8:4, which like a fraction reduces down to 2:1.

The net result is that the house maintains a small advantage on the Pass Line bet, even when you make an Odds bet on the point.The Engineering Daily Relevant News and Notes for Engineering Professionals.

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The placard also tells you the maximum amount of Odds you can take.

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I was wondering if it is possible to pass line breaks as well.For a Pass Line bet on the come-out roll, a 7 or 11 wins and a 2, 3, or 12 loses.No matter what the point is (i.e., 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), there are always more ways to make a 7 and lose than there are ways to make the point and win.Learn the Basic Pass Line Bet Before All Other Bets C raps offers a variety of bets, some good and some bad.The code I currently insert into a respective module by the MZ.Unlike the Flat Pass Line bet, you can pick up (remove) your Odds bet at any time.If your Odds bet requires you to use different-denomination chips, put the higher-denomination chips on the bottom of your stack.

This indicates the shooter rolled a 4 on the come-out roll to establish 4 as the point.For example, suppose the shooter rolls a point of 5 on the come-out.Understanding the game basics will make understanding the Pass Line and other bets a lot easier.If you forget this rule and pick up your Pass Line bet before a decision is made, the stickman will smack you on top of your head with his stick and yell at you to put it back.I like to slightly offset the lower-denomination chips on top to make sure the dealer sees the higher denominations on the bottom.The crew will simply remind you of the rule and politely ask you to return the bet to the table.If the point is 4 or 10, the odds against winning are 6:3, which reduces down to 2:1.When the shooter rolls the point and the Pass Line wins, the dealer double-checks the total amount of your Odds bet and then pays accordingly.

For a point of 6 or 8, the odds of rolling it compared to rolling the 7 are 5:6 (i.e., five ways to roll a 6 or 8 compared to six ways to roll a 7).After the shooter establishes a point, you can then make an Odds bet.For a point of 5 or 9, the odds of making it compared to the 7 are 4:6 (i.e., four ways to roll a 5 or 9 versus six ways to roll a 7), which reduces to 2:3.Therefore, the Odds bet for the 5 or 9 should always be an even number (i.e., a multiple of 2).NUMBER ROLLED WAYS TO ROLL IT 7 6 6 or 8 5 5 or 9 4 4 or 10 3 3 or 11 2 2 or 12 1 Remember, for a Pass Line bet after a point is established, the bet wins if the point is rolled before a 7, and it loses if a 7 is rolled before the point.

This is a bet on the point number in addition to the Flat Pass Line bet.I used MZ Tools to create and implement a standard error handling routine in my application.Refer to table below for examples of how much of Odds you can take behind the line for each point number.The Odds bet is a self-service bet, so you make this bet yourself by putting the chip(s) in the apron directly behind your Pass Line bet.For a Pass Line bet after a point is established, the advantage shifts back to the house.

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If the point is 5 or 9, the odds against winning are 6:4, which reduces down to 3:2.

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If you need to review our article about game basics, do it now.The Pass Line bet is an even-money bet, which means you win the exact amount that you bet.When you decide to make or remove an Odds bet, do it while the stickman still controls the dice in the center of the table.Other bets, such as Place bets, can be removed whenever you change your mind and decide to take them down.Once you make a Pass Line bet, you cannot remove it.) The shooter rolls a 7 to end the game.

I think the key is in your step 6 where you pass in the parameters to.For the Pass Line bet, the come-out roll favors the player but then shifts to the house when a point is established.For a 100x Odds table, your Odds bet can be the minimum (i.e., 1x), the maximum (i.e., 100x), or anything in between (i.e., 2x to 99x).Visit both and check them out, I am loving them both, no reason why you would not.It depends simply on your bankroll and how much you want to risk.Therefore, for the point numbers 6 and 8, the Odds bet should be a multiple of five to ensure you get the full true odds paid if you win.

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It goes in the apron one or two inches directly behind your Pass Line bet.We have collected some helpful tips that will make passing your driving test much easier.The shooter rolls for 15 minutes, rolling number after number, except for the point (i.e., 6) or the dreaded 7.So, offsetting the lower-denomination chips on top by just a hair allows a lazy dealer to realize the full amount of your Odds bet.Because the true odds compared to the 7 are 5:6, which (as you know from your grade school math class on fractions) equates to 10:12.The odds of rolling a 4 or 10 compared to rolling a 7 are 3:6, which reduces to 1:2.Remember, the true odds of rolling a 5 or 9 before rolling a 7 are 4:6, which reduces to 2:3.