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We have huge gyres in the ocean of junk plastic that all needs to be cleaned up.Secret Space Programs that are involved with planet earth have been in existence for eons of time and have many different objectives and agendas, both human and non.This ended up causing some major ethical struggles inside the. you have described five secret space programs,.MILAB is a term coined for the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs.Does your knowledge verify that there was some sort of major upgrade to the LOC.

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The limit is approximately one-half the light speed, as you would call it.You know, the energy, the so-called energy crisis that you hear about on the news.

Corey: There was a lot that they were trying to overcome with shielding in outer space for astronauts or space program participants, so there could have been a very large number of unmanned craft.The energy used is that of the field of electromagnetic energy which polarizes the Earth sphere.Discover What Is Really Going On in The Secret Space Programs.If you like what you have read, please consider making a small donation to help toward compensating the loss of regular income as a result of disclosing this information.Many of the craft in the beginning that were traveling from sphere to sphere within our solar system they would not be making a trip to Mars in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes.This is his live reactions to seeing Law of One data that validates the Secret Space Program.

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But for years there has been quiet talk of another space program, a secret space program, a covert consortium,.I think in the early 2000s it was online, and I scrolled through and looked at a little bit of it, and that was the extent of it.

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David: Now, there were other people who we spoke to as whistleblowers who independently verified that as well, that they knew about The Law of One and the Secret Space Program.Watch Cosmic Disclosure and take a look inside the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode and David Wilcock.


Corey: I was just about to ask if HAARP had anything to do with this.And as you see here in a second, the questioner totally balks on this.David:. his papers would have had the capability to build the Solar Warden-type craft in the aftermath.But we certainly can see that if Tesla. If the eyewitness accounts of him having a flying disk are correct, that he would have had the capability.Identified as an intuitive empath ( IE ), Corey Goode was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six.

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Inside America’s Secret Network Of Space Planes, Satellites

The Secret Space Program Time has come to finally release some intel about the secret space program. That all life develops inside, and thrives inside,.

In the Inside the Secret Space Programs:Bases and Living Arrangements, descriptions are provided of what the inside crew quarters in the bases look like.Buzzsaw with Sean Stone: Collective Consciousness and the Mandela Effect with Corey Goode.

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There was nothing in the public about Russians getting UFO technology in 1953.

Time has come to finally release some intel about the secret space program. into trading programs which provided financing. cloned bodies inside those.

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The fictional Alternative 3 suggested the secret space program had built a moon base as a staging point for a mission to Mars. Was.

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The hidden purpose of the secret space program was to set a stage for. about 500 million Reptilians have entered humanoid cloned bodies inside those.Find great deals on eBay for U S navy secret space program. See more like this Inside the Secret Space Programs by Herbert Dorsey Paperback Book.The Secret Space Program (SSP) is a classified operation under the U.S. Government and the.The publicity stunt to land on the Moon was to dupe the public in supporting the space program. The inside of the.

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Inside America's Secret Network Of Space Planes, Satellites

The Mini Space Shuttle and Its Top Secret Missions to Space. Inside China.During the Conscious Life Expo 2017 in LA, Corey Goode revealed fascinating details about secret space programs, Alien life and Inner Earth civilizations.

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Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program launches on Gaiam TV. Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode and David Wilcock,.

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David: But as we go on, we see that it did not work out well with the Russians either.

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Inside the raw folder, he found an. have come forward in recent years with evidence that supports the secret space.

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They had developed a lot of the technologies and were figuring out how to disseminate it to some of these other fledgling programs.Corey: And they had to overcome some technical issues and make some scientific breakthroughs before they were able to go superluminal.It was so far out. What The Law of One told him about our government and the technology they have and the extent of it totally blew his mind.Transcript: Another Amazing Conversation with William Tompkins.

I was told that it was negative material and stay away from it.Ricardo Baretzky, talks about directed energy weapons and coatings for space craft used by the Secret Space Program.Corey: And it was very concerning to the military factions of the early Secret Space Program.David: But there were plenty of unidentified flying objects by 1981.There are bases, as you would call them, undersea in your southern waters near the Bahamas as well as in your Pacific seas in various places close to your Chilean borders on the water.RaptormanReports It is very rare to find something in document form giving the public a glimpse into the Secret Space Program.So they are saying this is physical people building unidentified flying objects.