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After the Siege of Paris from 1870 to 1871, Hugo lived again in Guernsey from 1872 to 1873, before finally returning to France for the remainder of his life.He expounded his views on the subject in a speech he delivered during the International Peace Congress which took place in Paris in 1849.

The first thing that strikes savages is not reason but strength.He was not only revered as a towering figure in literature, he was a statesman who shaped the Third Republic and democracy in France.Website: Theatre History. (Originally published in Victor Hugo: Dramas.It is across from the Museo Carlo Bilotti on Viale Fiorello La Guardia.

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Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.On 4 September, she drowned in the Seine at Villequier, pulled down by her heavy skirts when a boat overturned.The book also inspired a renewed appreciation for pre-Renaissance buildings, which thereafter began to be actively preserved.

The paraders marched for six hours past Hugo as he sat at the window at his house.Website: Discover France. (Originally published in Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, 1997, v.9.0.1.) Retrieved November 2005.Books and Writers ( Finland: Kuusankoski Public Library.When Louis Napoleon ( Napoleon III ) seized complete power in 1851, establishing an anti-parliamentary constitution, Hugo openly declared him a traitor to France.They lived together for nearly 46 years until she died in August 1868.

The Congress, of which Hugo was the President, proved to be an international success, attracting such famous philosophers as Frederic Bastiat, Charles Gilpin, Richard Cobden, and Henry Richard.Though the poems were admired for their spontaneous fervour and fluency, the collection that followed four years later in 1826 ( Odes et Ballades ) revealed Hugo to be a great poet, a natural master of lyric and creative song.

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Like most of his contemporaries, Victor Hugo held colonialist views towards Africans.Halsall, A.W. et al. (1998). Victor Hugo and the Romantic Drama.Lady in the Shadows: The Life and Times of Julie Drouet, Mistress, Companion and Muse to Victor Hugo.

The people of Guernsey erected a statue by sculptor Jean Boucher in Candie Gardens ( Saint Peter Port ) to commemorate his stay in the islands.

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The word used in Guernsey to refer to squid ( pieuvre, also sometimes applied to octopus) was to enter the French language as a result of its use in the book.Website: MiniWeb Educacao. (Portuguese) Retrieved August 2010.

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In 1849, he broke with the conservatives when he gave a noted speech calling for the end of misery and poverty.

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After 1872, Hugo never lost his antipathy towards the Catholic Church.Hugo himself particularly enjoyed the music of Gluck and Weber.Wikisource has original works written by or about: Victor Hugo.

Ireson, J.C. (1997). Victor Hugo: A Companion to His Poetry.Avenue Victor-Hugo, located in Shawinigan, Quebec, was named to honour him.Loevenbruck. 3. - Les haut conteurs: tome 1 La voix des rois - Les haut conteurs: tome 2 Roi vampire.This might partly explain why in spite of his deep interest and involvement in political matters he remained strangely silent on the Algerian issue.

Despite his personal loss, Hugo remained committed to the cause of political change.

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From February 1833 until her death in 1883, Juliette Drouet devoted her whole life to Victor Hugo, who never married her even after his wife died in 1868.

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Most large French towns and cities have a street named after him.

Sometimes he would even toss in coffee or soot to get the effects he wanted.Les Chansons des rues et des bois (1865), ( Songs of Street and Wood ).

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However, he enjoyed sharing his drawings with his family and friends, often in the form of ornately handmade calling cards, many of which were given as gifts to visitors when he was in political exile.

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They stayed in Naples for a few months and then headed back to Paris.

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Two famous musicians of the 19th century were friends of Hugo: Hector Berlioz and Franz Liszt.In Havana, Cuba there is a park named after him and bust of Hugo stands near the entrance of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing.

For instance he resorted to Latin abbreviations ( osc. for kisses), to Spanish ( Misma.If he added t.n. ( toute nue ) he meant she stripped naked in front of him.Hugo kept his artwork out of the public eye, fearing it would overshadow his literary work.Like Chateaubriand, Hugo furthered the cause of Romanticism, became involved in politics (though mostly as a champion of Republicanism ), and was forced into exile due to his political stances.