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He was admitted to the hospital after serving in the Second World War.Many of the other inmates are afraid of the Institution and cannot escape.The institution is dominated by Nurse Ratched (Big Nurse), a cold, precise woman with calculated gestures and a calm, mechanical manner.The Characters of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in Film and Novel.McMurphy acts like Christ in the book—a model and leader for his disciples, the other patients.McMurphy undergoes a gradual journey towards self-destruction.

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The participants in this society process their new members, shunning those who deviate from the norm.This novel is based on the experience Ken Kesey had during his time working in a mental institution as an orderly.At the beginning, Susanna is placed far right to the screen, while sitting in car with a view of outside the back window.The only hint of her humanity is the fact that she posseses very large breasts, which she keeps tucked away under her neat-as-a-pin white uniform.The main points in this book deal with control, be it the character of McMurphy who is unable to handle control, or Nurse Ratched the head nurse on the ward whose job requires her to be in control.

It is told through the eyes of a mental patient named Chief Bromden.Bromden focuses on the antics of the rebellious Randle McMurphy, who is out to manipulate the system to his advantages.Sun Also Rises and Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest While Ernest Hemingway.This film presents an individual that chooses not to conform to modern society, and the consequences of that choice.The protagonist of the story acts as a model and leader for other characters in the book, just as Christ was for his disciples.

Literary fiction is littered with references to Christianity.What the question asks, however, is if the character of McMurphy is portrayed as a Christ figure.

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The element of control is a central, arguably the largest, and the most important theme in the novel.The line between the two is unclear, as pointed out in this song, sung by Eminem and Rihanna presumed to be sane but show signs of a mental disorder with the internal voices.

He held long conversations with the inmates in order to gain a better understanding of them.In this novel Kesey has used the three main technique to create an inevitable conflict and outcomes that is similar to tragedy.Bromden is half indian and he pretends to be deaf and dumb, this helps him hear everything that is going on at the ward.Kesey moved to to Perry Lane in Menlo Park as a student at Stanford University.McMurphy begins by protesting minor but significant defects of the ward policies.His actions go from the minuscule, such as changing minor ward policies, to the act of trying to strangle Nurse Ratched.As soon as McMurphy enters the ward he shows his individuality.To live with fear and not be overcome by it is the final test of maturity.

In fact, McMurphy is one idiosyncratic patient that no one in the ward has ever encountered.Chief is really tall, the black boys make fun of him and make him sweep for them and call him Chief Broom.Everything about McMurphy marked a sane, logical, and capable man.He is not a very reliable narrator due to his schizophrenia, so some of the events are distorted.Early on in the tale Kesey, presents the personality Randolph McMurphy, a freshly admitted person.From the beginning of his presence on the ward, things start to change.

In the beginning of the novel McMurphy is baptized with a shower before entering the ward.Not having any of there own ideas or thoughts of what to do and how to do it.

This reflects misogynistic societal beliefs that women are below men.McMurphy is always flirting with the Nurse trying to get her to free him by pretending to be kind, normal, and a suck up.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).Bromden senses that there was something different about this new patient.

If left unchecked a large group can be controlled by a single person.This is depicted in the movie One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.The cause of the conflict between Mac and Ratched begins immediately.He brings in laughter, gambling, profanity and he begins to get the other patients to open up.He wants control and anyone who threatens that will pay the price.He is a northwest Indian, who is disturbed with hallucinations about machines taking over the world he knows.

Nonetheless, Registered nurse Ratched does not such as this adjustment considering that she really feels McMurphy is a manipulator.It first seemed as though the Chief was going to fail this test of maturity in the mental ward that he was committed to.This symbolises Susanna is mentally incapable of controlling her own life, as the view out the window represents her past and those in it are controlling her.Although these facilities are meant to help these people, in 1975, they were detrimental because they restrict choice, and do not provide a meaningful life.

These two characters are the exact antithesis of each other, and they both seek to get their own way.Inmates reminded McMurphy that she controls how long each person stays there, and what treatments patients receive, including electroshock therapy.This stigma approach is still true for people in society today with mental illness.Foreshadowing clues and images are used to contribute to McMurphy as a figure of Christ.The other patients seem timid and quiet, yet McMurphy is cocky, loud, and confident.

Usually people with mental illnesses have some sort of stigma that is casted upon them that identifies them as not quite right as others in society.This film depicts American society as an insane asylum that demands conformity from its citizens.Nurse Ratched who is also called The Big Nurse enters the ward with the gust of cold air.The story starts when Randle Patrick McMurphy is admitted to the hospital.Many times, it is hard to express the written word on camera because the words that express so much action and feeling can not always be expressed the same way through pictures and acting.These marks would indicate that a person had either something wrong with them, or had done something morally wrong.It is believed that his stay in the mental ward is what drives the man insane.